Foot or Hand Reflexology REDUCES TENSION and helps

bring balance to the body…..don’t you deserve some STRESS RELIEF?

Relax, Refresh, Renew!

Reflexology is a complementary health technique that has been around for 4000 years! Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs show reflexology sessions in progress. Unlike massage, reflexology stimulates reflexes in the in the feet or hands that relate to all the organs, glands and parts of the body. This relaxing and comfortable process helps break down waste products and assists the body in their elimination. Reflexology is completely safe. In a recent nationally funded study, reflexology has been proven to improve the lives of fragile breast cancer patients even while undergoing chemotherapy.

How does it work?

  • By improving nerve and blood supply to the body and stimulating the reflexes related to “dis-eased” organs, glands, muscles or joints.
  • By helping the body bring itself back into balance in a variety of ways. Physical, emotional or environmental stressors can reduce blood or nerve supply to a gland, organ, muscle or joint. Resulting waste products form crystalline deposits at nerve endings in the impacted body part. Breaking up these deposits helps improve the physical function of the impacted organ, gland, muscle or joint.
  • By helping eliminate often these deposits, clients usually notice and improvement in physical function and reduced tension not only in the feet but in the overall body.
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